Amazing YouTube Facts About Saudi Arabia.

April 26, 2017By Ayah MedhatUncategorized

#Youtube experiences 4 Billion views everyday which has increased by 50%  from last year And #SaudiArabia “is ranked highest country in the world in terms of #mobile usage on YouTube it’s responsible for almost 90 million daily views Saudi Arabia is the leader in the region for most video playbacks Followed by #Egypt, #Morocco and … Read More

Google Tools You Can’t Ignore!

April 18, 2017By Ayah MedhatUncategorized

    Many People look at #Google and see nothing more than a #SearchEngine, and while there’s nothing wrong to see your #website at the top of the search engine results you can’t ignore the process for reaching this goal. 1- Google #AdWord : while there are many to choose from google #keyword remains one … Read More

More Instagram followers to follow?

April 11, 2017By Ayah MedhatUncategorized

  #Instagram has been around for a while now,  the platform continues to grow, Recently Announced there are 500 Million people with Instagram account with 300 million using this channel everyday! So there’s a good chance to target audience and reach their accounts , and if you have prolific account has a lot of followers … Read More

Social Metrics keys Being Used In The Industry.

April 4, 2017By Ayah MedhatUncategorized

Basically, #SocialMedia KPIs, or social media #metrics, are whatever is most important for your #business. These are the goals and benchmarks that help you determine how well your #campaigns and #strategies are performing.   1-  Reach/Impressions : engagement is now more important than ever, as the technology identifies naturally engaging, high quality #content and attributes a … Read More