No progress would be possible if we had to heart to find all the weaknesses and errors of our pedagogy to find remedy. And for that, we must have the courage to each other and to recognize those mistakes and accept criticism, even and especially when we carry a responsibility. It would be dangerous for our movement to stifle some of these criticisms for fear of upsetting the Inspectors.

We must be fair with them as we strive to be with our colleagues; but between workers attached to the same work, we must not fear any truth. Especially as our critics did not particularly target men but take into account their integration into an administrative and cultural complex that it is not always possible for them to emerge as they would like. It is this concern for objectivity that we had already held to mark last year when we opened our section The Bear Pit.

Certainly, the teacher makes militarily align its students in the courtyard, which makes them put their hands on his head for silence or even monitors the “ball” of the condemned, may not be very happy that we externalize and some lackluster aspects of the role that made him play. Woe to him if he is not aware of the disqualification. We want as our country wakes up, make him reconsider his responsibilities for a pedagogically and humanly desirable recovery.

This teacher who monitors the ball probably, taken individually, a good man personally love of freedom, justice and brotherhood, activist perhaps social organizations and generous policies. Only he is caught in a relentless gear, as an impasse which it can not find the end: overcrowded classrooms, poorly adapted premises, angry or degenerate children, faulty technique work.

It is this fact, that the teacher is an actor we denounce victim, and we do so we run to susceptibility interested in cases, alas! still frequent business where the errors have irreparably marked the man who then glue the free gear to now break away. It is the same Inspectors. Taken as private, they are certainly in the almost generality of cases, brave men, sensitive and dedicated Only they are caught in a much more implacable even than that which we blow.

If they stick too for that gear, there is nothing to do, they will be against the new and the life which affect the functioning and they will take on their own critical that we bring to a mechanical we would improve the whole process. From all this, we should realize in common, objectively analyze virtually our respective situations, denounce errors which we are victims, we were trying to find valid solutions.

All undistorted Inspectors irreparably by the trade, like all non deformed by the Scholastic teachers have to struggle together, without susceptibility, without false pride, with a clear awareness of the difficult problems that are imposed on us. *** And our friend adds: “If you do the trial of some Inspectors, you could also make the CEL comrades, who claim your techniques that make great harm to the movement by their eccentricities, forgetting that they must prove daily the efficiency of their work. ” Our friend knows that we do not just expose the weaknesses of others but we always start by putting our own house. Errors can be committed by our members; we make in all and every day.

The purpose of our cooperative organization is precisely to set detect these mistakes and try to correct them, there would be automatic degeneration the day this criticism – to use the word in political fashion – no longer work relentlessly. But some expressions of our fellow left me somewhat dreamy, as I am sure the teacher who committed, in his career, the “eccentricities,” and we knew, on many occasions, I make the bitter reproaches.

We baptize indeed too often eccentricity, vulgar nonconformity, and the nonconformity we are all more or less guilty, at least in the eyes of the uninitiated inspectors to new forms of activity. We are also very cautious in everything related to the efficiency of our work, this productivity and the performance of which we tried to define the standards in our last congress. In the still chaotic field of information, depending on which control, on what basis and what criteria it determines.

Our work, however perfect it may be, will never be recognized as valid by our colleagues embedded in traditional methods, nor by the Inspectors who think like them. While we must be cautious in our tests and our innovations, without however fear a nonconformity that is only one aspect of our concern for creation and modernization. Ideally finally born the decree giving the status of experimental schools, which will be as unethical corners embedded in the tradition of wall.

But it will, and it is a prerequisite, educators at once methodical and bold, and also a device and a control technique oriented creations that are needed, not a past today gone. Ultimately, for teachers as for inspectors, everything is a question of initiation. We all, teachers and inspectors were trained in the old school that has marked us deeply.

We need, a joint effort of sincere good will to reform us rethink our function, tt appreciate accordingly generous effort innovative. *** As for us, in the direction of our movement, new tasks require our constant lucidity, our tenacity and our audacity. Our techniques, even when they have no formal consent of certain officials become official in that they are required themselves to the mass of educators. Some of the less.

But we risk much more than before the deviations that would be fatal for us. For anyone who has understood the idea, the spirit of our techniques, all experiences are valid. The thread always retrieves the road. But the danger comes from the growing number of educators who feel the need to modernize their education, would it even because Mr. inspector recommended this modernization, and who have not yet realized that a total reconsideration their educational approach is essential.

No revolution, think most colleagues, but a wise and slow evolution. So they buy auto-patch files, are free text in the traditional mode, or create a cooperative to collect a few thousand tickets, and then they wonder at not detect any benefits of rejoicing. We will not stop halfway.

We did get up the great army of teachers teachers, teachers who are no longer content to teach, in the form we have taught them, notions prepared and formally defined, but want to think about their task and conditions their work, struggling to improve these conditions and are ready for it to lead in all areas the ongoing battle against the forces of stagnation and reaction. We, for our long cooperative experience, given confidence to educators who are now just shrug the dignity of Masters who conquer thus a new awareness of their noble function, exhilarating feeling to finally do a useful work in preparing their children fill better than we did, their destiny of men and citizens.

In business complex that today mobilizes thousands of educators, it is less a method that we have to save this burst of humanity and dignity, this great revival that could well mark of their virtues, education for years to come. CF <^ How Complex Numbers I passed traditional methods to modern methods of teaching> Author: Celestin Freinet printable version

In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary February 1984 See the entire number in pdf Colleges, Training urgency? September interns i’e. N. N. A. Four college professors.

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